Experience The Wonder Playschool Difference


There are three aspects that truly set us apart from other Peoria child care providers. It’s our people, our curriculum, and our facilities (plus our app!) Let’s take a closer look at each:


Our People


State law dictates that a preschool teacher needs but a few credit hours in Early Childhood Education (ECE). In plain terms, that’s not good enough for us. Our lead teachers all possess degrees in ECE or similar. This ensures that true professionals are guiding your children.


Secondly, we feel stability is important, so we start our teachers at a salary level 27% higher than the norm. This minimizes turnover, and ensures we attract professional teachers who are happy and satisfied with their careers.   



Our Curriculum


We use a project-based approach to learning that encourages curiosity and exploration. Developed by renowned childhood learning experts Judy Harris-Helm, Lilian Katz, and Sylvia Chard, this methodology fosters engagement and wonder, and is proven to teach and retain essential concepts.  


We align this renowned, advanced approach with the Illinois Early Learning Standards, and we also stick as close to your “home” routine as possible. This ensures the best possible early education for your child.


We also eschew the multiple transitions that are common in our industry, choosing instead to have two transitions. Fewer transitions and staying with the same teachers and peers encourages stability, and is immeasurably beneficial.


Our Facilities


Our Peoria infant/toddler playschool is the only one of it's kind in the area.  We are a smaller, more home-like feel  child care center. Our Peoria playschool facility is modern, safe, and exceptional in every way. We also pay attention to the small details that really add up.

For example, we have a neutral decor, which creates a calm, inviting space to learn. The layout encourages engagement, and everything that can be manipulated is made from eco-friendly / natural materials.


Our grounds mirror our commitment to the highest standards of childcare and learning. The safe, natural play area encourages exploration, with tree trunk tables/benches, stepping stones, tunnels, and more. It’s a kid’s paradise!


Our policies to encourage the safety and well-being of your children. And yes, we have an app that allows you to check in and communicate with us (and us you). You’ll love it!



Choosing your Peoria childcare facility is an important decision, and we look to make it as easy as possible. We would be happy to schedule a tour and answer any questions you may have. Contact us for details.