We Get It....


Going back to work after having a baby, or when you have preschool children, is a difficult choice. It’s also one that brings worry. That’s just normal.


We’re here to make the choice an easier one, and also put your concerns to rest. The Wonder Playschool is small (although we prefer to say we’re exclusive), but highly focused on quality childcare and learning.


You see,  we believe all children deserve the right to reach their full potential through a dedicated and nurturing community.  We believe that all children are born curious with an innate need to explore, think, ponder, ask and reflect. Developing future leaders starts with nurturing and challenging young minds. We, at The Wonder Playschool, are devoted to transcending the status quo of child care.  We partner with families to create powerful interactions that extend children's learning by stretching their natural sense of awe through authentic experiences .


Daycare in Peoria affords you choices, and we separate ourselves by the quality of our facilities, the credentials of our teachers, and the small size of our classes. But the biggest difference is in how our parents feel about leaving their children with us. If we could sum it up in one word, it would be “Confidence”.


Our parents know their children are in excellent hands, at a loving, warm, and safe place. They can check in with our app, and are invited to drop in anytime (we have a full open door policy for parents, and our lead teachers are onsite during “pickup” time to meet with parents). We’re not the cheapest childcare facility in Peoria, but our parents feel we are worth every penny. 



Our Staff


Besides our lead teachers holding degrees , we also background check all employees, and we hold regular staff meetings to ensure we are doing everything we can to improve our services.


Our staff is professional, patient, and well-paid. This is more than a “job” for our staff, and that makes a big difference.


Choosing your Peoria childcare facility is an important decision, and we look to make it as easy as possible. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us for details.