Educational Experiences for Twos + Beyond

Two year old child standing in front of indoor, gross-motor activity center with slide.


2.5 years to 4 years

Our 2.5 to 4 year old group is an exploratory bunch, that’s for sure, and we tailor our Explorers room and curriculum to encourage this drive and growing sense of independence.


We view children as competent, curious, capable and full of potential. We understand their need to create, explore, wonder, grow, learn, problem-solve, and take risks, and we provide them with a safe place to do so. Our developmentally appropriate program fosters curiosity and wonder while providing interactive learning experiences that engage the whole child.


We also believe that some of the most important skills children learn in early childhood are social-emotional skills—how to be a friend, express ideas, and communicate needs and preferences in socially acceptable ways. Our teachers provide gentle guidance, thoughtfully structured routines, and meaningful play experiences to help promote the academic and social skill development necessary not only for future academic success, but for life.