Caring for Infants


Our littlest ones are nothing short of precious, and they deserve the very best. We already know they get the very best

at your home, so we strive to make their playschool experience the best it can be.


Our Explorers room is specifically tailored to provide our infants with home-like comfort, warmth, and stability. The colors are neutral (which lessens over-stimulation), and we maintain a “shoe-free” policy, which further creates a safe and sanitary space for exploration.


We support your child's growing sense of independence by providing them with plenty floor space to move and explore and by limiting time spent in swings or other devices.


Our lead infant teachers hold degrees in early childhood or related fields and are experts at understanding the unique needs of this age group. Infants are communicating all the time, in a variety of ways, and we make sure they are heard loud and clear.

Home Away from Home

We recognize the unique preferences and needs of each infant and strive to make every child's time at The Wonder Playschool feel like an extension of home. By understanding their typical home routines and schedules, we are able follow their natural sleeping and waking process and determine meals and feedings based on their individual hunger patterns. We follow their cues to implement your home schedule as closely as possible, and we are always available to discuss any changes.


We also understand that your morning routine is hectic, and we make every effort to make our services a welcomed assistance. With this in mind, daily care essentials like Pampers diapers, wipes, and ointment are included in your child's tuition, and we will gladly store your child's formula or breast milk for you on site.


Choosing your Peoria childcare facility is an important decision, and we look to make it as easy as possible. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us for details.