Our littlest ones are nothing short of precious, and they deserve the very best. We already know they get the very best at your home, so we strive to make their playschool experience the best it can be.


Our two infant rooms are specifically tailored for home-like comfort, stability, and engagement. The colors are neutral (which lessens overstimulation), and we have a “shoe-free” policy, which further creates a sense of safety and wonder (and yes, our facilities are clean and sanitary, making this policy a good fit.) 


Our degreed teachers are also experts at understanding the unique needs of this age group. Infants are communicating all the time, in a variety of ways, and we make sure they are heard loud and clear.


We encourage language development and the wonderful world of books, which is an exceptional way to expose children to the world. Lastly, infants are divided into two groups, as the different monthly ages at this stage encourage group dynamics and learning from each other.


Home Away from Home


We follow your lead in terms of your little one’s schedule (e.g., we’ll implement your home schedule as close as possible, and are always available to discuss any changes/etc.) Daily care also includes essentials like Pampers, wipes, and ointment.


We also understand that your morning routine is hectic, and we make every effort to make our services a welcome assistance. We’re completely on your side.


Choosing your Peoria childcare facility is an important decision, and we look to make it as easy as possible. We would be happy to schedule a tour and answer any questions you may have. Contact us for details.