Frequently Asked Questions


Do Your Teachers Have Degrees?

      Yes, all lead teachers have four year degrees at minimum.


What Are Your “Stages” or Age Groups?

     We have three – 6 weeks to 17 months, 18 months to 35 months, and 3-5 years old.



 Is There an Advantage to This?

      Yes there is. By keeping the younger children together longer, it promotes stability and fosters a group dynamic that would otherwise not develop. Children learn from each other, even at very young ages, and we encourage that.


Do You Offer a Preschool Program?

      Absolutely, half day morning option also.  More information is provided under the "Preschool" tab.  Rate information is available under the "Rates" tab.


Can I Communicate With You During the Day If Needed?

      Yes you can – we have a full open door policy and welcome you to drop by. You can even spot check us if you want. And we’ll use our app to communicate with you as well.


You Have an App?

      Indeed we do – it allows us to send you updates, pictures, and more, and allows real time communication. Our parents love it.


Can I Arrange a Tour and Meet the Teachers?

      Absolutely. Simply contact us, and we’ll do the rest.


 Do I Need To Send Diapers With My Infant?

      Nope – we have you covered. Wipes and lotion, too.


 We Have a Specific Formula We Use – Can You Store It?

      Yes, we can. Breast milk also – just ask, and we’ll make arrangements.